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Тип поля — дата.

Пакет Date содержит модули Date и Date API. Date API может использоваться с другими модулями. Модуль Date — это тип поля даты/времени, который требует включения модулей Content (из пакета CCK) и Date API.

Проект содержит девять модулей:

  • Date API: A Date API that can be used by other modules
  • Date All Day: Adds 'All Day' functionality to date fields, including an 'All Day' theme and 'All Day' checkboxes for the Date select and Date popup widgets
  • Date Context: Adds an option to the Context module to set a context condition based on the value of a date field
  • Date Migration: Obsolete data migration module. Disable if no other modules depend on it
  • Date Popup: Enables jquery popup calendars and time entry widgets for selecting dates and times
  • Date Repeat API: A Date Repeat API to calculate repeating dates and times from iCal rules
  • Date Repeat Field: Creates the option of Repeating date fields and manages Date fields that use the Date Repeat API
  • Date Tools: Tools to import and auto-create dates and calendars
  • Date Views: Views integration for date fields and date functionality
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