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Drupal 7.42

Описание версии

Эта версия исправляет ошибки найденные в предыдущей версии.

Изменения в файле .htaccess

Drupal 7.42

Обновление системы

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Журнал изменений


- Stopped invoking hook_flush_caches() on every cron run, since some modules
  use that hook for expensive operations that are only needed on cache clears.
- Changed the default .htaccess and web.config to block Composer-related files.
- Added static caching to module_load_include() to improve performance.
- Fixed double-encoding bugs in select field widgets provided by the Options
  module. The fix deprecates the 'strip_tags' property on option widgets and
  replaces it with a new 'strip_tags_and_unescape' property (minor data
  structure change).
- Improved MySQL 5.7 support by changing the MySQL database driver to stop
  using the ANSI SQL mode alias, which has different meanings for different
  MySQL versions.
- Fixed a regression introduced in Drupal 7.39 which prevented autocomplete
  functionality from working on servers that are not configured to
  automatically recognize index.php.
- Updated the Archive_Tar PEAR package to the latest 1.4.0 release, to fix bugs
  with tar file handling on various operating systems.
- Fixed fatal errors on node preview when a field is displayed in the node
  teaser but hidden in the full node view. The fix removes a
  field_attach_prepare_view() call from the node_preview() function since it is
  redundant with one in the node preview theme layer.
- Improved the description of the "Trimmed" format option on text fields
  (translatable string change, and minor UI and data structure change).
- Numerous small bug fixes.
- Numerous API documentation improvements.
- Additional automated test coverage.