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Drupal 7.55

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Эта версия исправляет ошибки найденные в предыдущей версии.

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Пошаговое описание обновления системы до новой версии смотрите в документации.

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Журнал изменений


- Fixed incompatibility with PHP versions 7.0.19 and 7.1.5 due to duplicate
  DATE_RFC7231 definition.
- Made Drupal core pass all automated tests on PHP 7.1.
- Allowed services such as Let's Encrypt to work with Drupal on Apache, by
  making Drupal's .htaccess file allow access to the .well-known directory
  defined by RFC 5785.
- Made new Drupal sites work correctly on Apache 2.4 when the mod_access_compat
  Apache module is disabled.
- Fixed Drupal's URL-generating functions to always encode '[' and ']' so that
  the URLs will pass HTML5 validation.
- Various additional bug fixes.
- Various API documentation improvements.
- Additional automated test coverage.