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Друпал 7: toolbar.tpl.php

Default template for admin toolbar.


  • $classes: String of classes that can be used to style contextually through CSS. It can be manipulated through the variable $classes_array from preprocess functions. The default value has the following:
    • toolbar: The current template type, i.e., "theming hook"
  • $toolbar['toolbar_user']: User account / logout links
  • $toolbar['toolbar_menu']: Top level management menu links
  • $toolbar['toolbar_drawer']: A place for extended toolbar content

Other variables:

  • $classes_array: Array of html class attribute values. It is flattened into a string within the variable $classes

Пример шаблона

<div id="toolbar" class="<?php print $classes; ?> clearfix">
  <div class="toolbar-menu clearfix">
    <?php print render($toolbar['toolbar_home']); ?>
    <?php print render($toolbar['toolbar_user']); ?>
    <?php print render($toolbar['toolbar_menu']); ?>
    <?php if ($toolbar['toolbar_drawer']):?>
      <?php print render($toolbar['toolbar_toggle']); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

  <div class="<?php echo $toolbar['toolbar_drawer_classes']; ?>">
    <?php print render($toolbar['toolbar_drawer']); ?>