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Друпал 7: user-profile.tpl.php

user-profile.tpl.php — шаблон формирующий профиль пользователя.

Use render($user_profile) to print all profile items, or print a subset such as render($content['field_example']). Always call render($user_profile) at the end in order to print all remaining items. If the item is a category, it will contain all its profile items. By default, $user_profile['summary'] is provided which contains data on the user's history. Other data can be included by modules. $user_profile['user_picture'] is available for showing the account picture.


  • $user_profile: An array of profile items. Use render() to print them
  • Field variables: for each field instance attached to the user a corresponding variable is defined; e.g., $user->field_example has a variable $field_example defined. When needing to access a field's raw values, developers/themers are strongly encouraged to use these variables. Otherwise they will have to explicitly specify the desired field language, e.g. $user->field_example['en'], thus overriding any language negotiation rule that was previously applied

Пример шаблона

<div class="profile"<?php print $attributes; ?>>
  <?php print render($user_profile); ?>