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Drupal 7.12

Описание версии

Эта версия исправляет ошибки найденные в предыдущей версии.

Изменения в файле default.settings.php

Добавлены строки:

* Advanced users can add or override initial commands to execute when
* connecting to the database server, as well as PDO connection settings. For
* example, to enable MySQL SELECT queries to exceed the max_join_size system
* variable, and to reduce the database connection timeout to 5 seconds:
* @code
* $databases['default']['default'] = array(
*   'init_commands' => array(
*     'big_selects' => 'SET SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1',
*   ),
*   'pdo' => array(
*     PDO::ATTR_TIMEOUT => 5,
*   ),
* );
* @endcode
* WARNING: These defaults are designed for database portability. Changing them
* may cause unexpected behavior, including potential data loss.
* @see DatabaseConnection_mysql::__construct
* @see DatabaseConnection_pgsql::__construct
* @see DatabaseConnection_sqlite::__construct

Обновление системы

Пошаговое описание обновления системы до новой версии смотрите в документации.

Дополнительная информация

Журнал изменений


– Fixed bug preventing custom menus from receiving an active trail
– Fixed hook_field_delete() no longer invoked during field_purge_data()
– Fixed bug causing entity info cache to not be cleared with the rest of caches
– Fixed file_unmanaged_copy() fails with Drupal 7.7+ and safe_mode() or open_basedir()
– Fixed Nested transactions throw exceptions when they got out of scope
– Fixed bugs with the Return-Path when sending mail on both Windows and non-Windows systems
– Fixed bug with DrupalCacheArray property visibility preventing others from extending it (API change: http://drupal.org/node/1422264)
– Fixed bug with handling of non-ASCII characters in file names (API change: http://drupal.org/node/1424840)
– Reconciled field maximum length with database column size in image and aggregator modules
– Fixes to various core JavaScript files to allow for minification and aggregation
– Fixed Prevent tests from deleting main installation's tables when parent::setUp() is not called
– Fixed several Poll module bugs
– Fixed several Shortcut module bugs
– Added new hook_system_theme_info() to provide ability for contributed modules to test theme functionality
– Added ability to cancel mail sending from hook_mail_alter()
– Added support for configurable PDO connection options, enabling master-master database replication
– Numerous improvements to tests and test runner to pave the way for faster test runs
– Expanded test coverage
– Numerous API documentation improvements
– Numerous performance improvements, including token replacement and render cache