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Drupal 7.22

Описание версии

Эта версия исправляет ошибки найденные в предыдущей версии.

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Drupal 7.22

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- Allowed the drupal_http_request() function to be overridden so that additional HTTP request capabilities can be added by contributed modules
- Changed the Simpletest module to allow PSR-0 test classes to be used in Drupal 7
- Removed an unnecessary "Content-Disposition" header from private file downloads; it prevented many private files from being viewed inline in a web browser
- Changed various field API functions to allow them to optionally act on a single field within an entity (API addition: http://drupal.org/node/1825844)
- Fixed a bug which prevented Drupal's file transfer functionality from working on some PHP 5.4 systems
- Fixed incorrect log message when theme() is called for a theme hook that does not exist (minor string change)
- Fixed Drupal's token-replacement system to allow spaces in the token value
- Changed the default behavior after a user creates a node they do not have access to view. The user will now be redirected to the front page rather than an access denied page
- Fixed a bug which prevented empty HTTP headers (such as "0") from being set. (Minor behavior change: Callers of drupal_add_http_header() must now set FALSE explicitly to prevent a header from being sent at all; this was already indicated in the function's documentation.)
- Fixed OpenID errors when more than one module implements hook_openid(). The behavior is now changed so that if more than one module tries to set the same parameter, the last module's change takes effect
- Fixed a serious documentation bug: The $name variable in the taxonomy-term.tpl.php theme template was incorrectly documented as being sanitized when in fact it is not
- Fixed a bug which prevented Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 upgrades on sites which had duplicate permission names in the User module's database tables
- Added an empty "datatype" attribute to taxonomy term and username links to make the RDFa markup upward compatible with RDFa 1.1 (minor markup addition)
- Fixed a bug which caused the denial-of-service protection added in Drupal 7.20 to break certain valid image URLs that had an extra slash in them
- Fixed a bug with update queries in the SQLite database driver that prevented Drupal from being installed with SQLite on PHP 5.4
- Fixed enforced dependencies errors updating to recent versions of Drupal 7 on certain non-MySQL databases
- Refactored the Field module's caching behavior to obtain large improvements in memory usage for sites with many fields and instances (API addition: http://drupal.org/node/1915646)
- Fixed entity argument not being passed to implementations of hook_file_download_access_alter(). The fix adds an additional context parameter that can be passed when calling drupal_alter() for any hook (API change: http://drupal.org/node/1882722)
- Fixed broken support for translatable comment fields (API change: http://drupal.org/node/1874724)
- Added an assertThemeOutput() method to Simpletest to allow tests to check that themed output matches an expected HTML string (API addition)
- Added a link to "Install another module" after a module has been successfully downloaded via the Update Manager (UI change)
- Added an optional "exclusive" flag to installation profile .info files which allows Drupal distributions to force a profile to be selected during installation (API addition)
- Fixed a bug which caused the database API to not properly close database connections
- Added a link to the URL for running cron from outside the site to the Cron settings page (UI change)
- Fixed a bug which prevented image styles from being reverted on PHP 5.4
- Made the default .htaccess rules protocol sensitive to improve security for sites which use HTTPS and redirect between "www" and non-"www" versions of the page
- Numerous small bug fixes
- Numerous API documentation improvements
- Additional automated test coverage